Winners announced for Wipro - Nature Forever Society Sparrow Awards 2017
Nature Forever Society is announce the winners of Wipro-Nature Forever Society Sparrow Awards 2017.

We would like to thank people from different parts of the country for sending us nominations which helped a lot your support has helped us to find exceptional individuals contributing to the protection and conservation of the environment.

The winners have been selected based on their outstanding, innovative and inspirational efforts towards conserving, sustaining, protecting, and enhancing the environment and none of them are professional conservationists or belong to conservation organization.

Since 2013 Nature Forever Society has partnered with Wipro which has enabled us to further support the cause of these individuals. Each winner of Wipro- Nature Forever Society Sparrow Award for the year 2016 will receive support of Rs 50,000/- towards their future work.
Sentiments behind the Sparrow Award
We have often noticed in the environment conservation field that while the best known proffesional conservationists consistently receive accolades for their good work, there are many others who make consistent efforts in their own way to save the environment without worrying about the credits. Our sentiment behind launching the Sparrow Awards is to honor such people and applaud their silent efforts.
Aim of Sparrow Awards
To involve citizens from diverse sections of the society in the conservation movement.

To honor the work of individuals and organizations at the grassroots level for strengthening the conservation movement for better protection of the environment and biodiversity.