Q1: Is Wipro- Nature Forever Society Sparrow Award only for person working for Sparrow Conservation?
No, Sparrow Awards are not for people working on Sparrow Conservation alone, but because the name Sparrow is synonymous with citizens of India, who is the common man of this country and a wild bird with which we all connect. So the name ‘Sparrow Award’. Work being done on conservation of wildlife, conservation of resources, innovative green technology and issues related to all aspect of environment are considered for the award

Q2: Who are eligible for the Sparrow Awards?
Contest is open to all residents of India. The Awards are given to three individuals and one Business/institutions/community group who are not professional conservationist / ecologist but through their innovative, inspirational efforts make real conservation happen at grassroots level without any formal support or funding.
Employees of Nature Forever Society and Wipro Limited are not eligible for this award.

Q3: What is the deadline for submitting the applications?
Hurry! Registrations have begun for Wipro - Nature Forever Society’s SPARROW AWARDS 2017. The deadline for submission is February 25th, 2017.
Important: Applicants are welcome to send their applications until February 25th, 2017. All applications are reviewed in detail and in case an application is found to be incomplete, the applicant will be intimated shortly after the deadline.

Q4: Do I need to send the application by post or is it ok to send a PDF via email?
You can send in the applications either by post or by email (pdf). Please ensure that all the supporting documents are in order at the time of submission.

Q5: When will I know the status of my application?
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified by email shortly after all the applications have been screened and reviewed.

Q6: What will I get from this award?
The winners will receive recognition for their outstanding work through extensive media coverage. The work and the profile of the winners will be featured in the World Sparrow Day report, on the Nature Forever Society website and in awareness material. A citation will be given during the prestigious World Sparrow Day event. The awardees will receive cash prize of Rs 50,000/- to carry on their work of conservation.

Q7: Does Nature Forever Society have some preferred aspects of the environment that you prioritize for the awards (eg: climate change, water conservation, bird conservation etc)?
The Sparrow Awards are aimed at highlighting the conservation efforts of individuals and organisations working in their own capacity on issues related to all aspects of the environment. The work can feature a wide spectrum of issues ranging from awareness to resource or species conservation to advocacy or green technology.

Q8: Do you only select people who have filled in the nomination forms?
No. Contributions of individuals or organisation which comes to our notice directly or through other formal or informal sources or those brought to the notice of NFS are also considered for the awards. Such individuals or organisations need not send any nomination forms.